My wife (@brittneymphoto on insta) and I are launching a modeling agency in Portland, Oregon, called Reaction Models.   Why should you go with us?  We have a small roster so you will get individual attention you won't get at the larger agencies. We have a unique skill set in being able to produce top quality photographs in house. We are not a photo mill though, start up costs are lower than most agencies and we are booking jobs.   We are just getting started, don't miss out.  Check out to see our progress and our awesome model lineup.

Are you a young person in Oregon or Washington looking to model? Our Portland - based modeling agency is always scouting for models available to work in the Portland Oregon area, and for fashion models a willingness to travel to larger markets when at the appropriate age. Like all modeling agencies, our requirements are based on modeling and fashion industry standards. Clothing is typically provided in standard sizes that the model must fit.

Currently we are looking for people who meet the following requirements:


  • fashion models-   size 0-6, 5’ 8" and above, ages 14-22.
  • athletic models-   size 2-8, 5’ 7” and above, athletic women with slim, toned, muscular physiques and sports skills, ages 16-24

We are especially interested in beautiful ethnic women!


  • athletic models- waist 29"-35", height 5"10- 6" with an athletic, muscular build. sports skills a plus.

If you meet these requirements, please contact us via email. We will need to know your height, dress size, and see either a couple of snapshots or your instagram account. If we are interested, you will hear from us!